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Ashurst Wood Primary School
Ashurst Wood Primary School
Ashurst Wood Primary School

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

If your child is ill, please do not send him/her to School... spreads infections to other children and staff

...children who are unwell are unhappy and unsettled – they need to be at home.


Your child should not come to School if they:


  • have a temperature
  • are coughing continuously
  • have been sick or had diarrhoea (and should not return to School for 48 hours after the last bout)
  • have spots or a rash and have not been seen by a Doctor.


In the event of your child being ill please inform the School by phoning no later than 9.30am on the morning of the absence.


Should your child be taken ill at School we will contact you through the emergency contact numbers you have given us. Parents/carers will be expected to collect their child ASAP. Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure the School has up to date emergency contact numbers.  We understand that it is hard for working parents/carers but arrangements must be made for sick children.



If your child has been prescribed medicine, but is well enough to attend School, please follow the procedures below:


  • Ask your GP for a three dose prescription as this will not have to be administered during School time.
  • In essential cases, a nominated Teaching Assistant will administer medicines.  However, before we administer any medicine we will ask you to complete an authorisation form which can be obtained from the School office.  Please put the medicine in a clearly labelled container complete with clear instructions for administration.



The same rules apply to inhalers, except that children can administer these themselves. Inhalers are kept in the child's classroom in a named box.  A record is kept each time a child uses his/her inhaler.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone has a talent, and we work together to achieve full potential and bring out the best in every individual.

Our School is known as:  


Successful, thriving and forward-looking;


A place where children enjoy learning in a happy, supportive environment;

A place where every individual makes a positive contribution, whether that is in school, in our community or in the wider world.

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