Ashurst Wood Primary School
Ashurst Wood Primary School

Young Interpreters

At Ashurst Wood Primary School we love to celebrate all the languages spoken and regularly taken time to learn new words and phrases.  Our best teaching tool is the children themselves, who relish teaching us new words in a different language!


Therefore, at Ashurst Wood, we train children to become Young Interpreters to help new children who come to our School speaking little or no English.  Our Young Interpreters are taught to be fully aware of the feelings these children may have when they start school and are on-hand to support and encourage their language development.


To support their learning they will:


  • be friendly
  • smile
  • give eye contact
  • use gestures
  • use drawings
  • speak their own language, if possible
  • use picture fans
  • be helpful!


Each Young Interpreter trains to support their role.  The languages currently spoken by our children are: Hebrew, Greek, English, French, German, Welsh, Latvian and Latin.


The whole School is introduced to the Young Interpreters in assembly, therefore everybody is fully aware of who they are.


The Young Interpreters wear their badges with pride and are always willing and ready to help.

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