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At Ashurst Wood Primary School we believe that it is through the teaching of Geography that children learn about a variety of places and locations and the communities that live within them.  We embed the teaching of Geography within a curriculum which is both engaging and relevant to our pupils.


Children learn about the world from a local, national and international perspective and are encouraged to make comparisons and contrasts based on their own experiences.  We make use of the local environment together with a wide range of secondary sources including video clips, research books and the internet.  In KS1 pupils investigate their local area and a contrasting area, finding out about the environment, the people in both areas and carry out geographical enquiries inside and outside the classroom.  In KS2 pupils investigate a variety of people, places and environments at different locations in the United Kingdom and abroad.  The children develop geographical enquiry skills using resources such as maps, atlases, aerial photographs and ICT when investigating physical environments such as mountain ranges, rivers and weather patterns.


Our aim is that by the time they leave us they are fully aware of what it is to be a global citizen with local, national and global responsibilities.


If you would like any further information about Geography in our School please contact Mrs Blake Hatton, our Humanities Leader.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone has a talent, and we work together to achieve full potential and bring out the best in every individual.

Our School is known as:  


Successful, thriving and forward-looking;


A place where children enjoy learning in a happy, supportive environment;

A place where every individual makes a positive contribution, whether that is in school, in our community or in the wider world.

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