Ashurst Wood Primary School
Ashurst Wood Primary School

Assessment and progress

We assess 

the progress of each child each half-term and set their next targets. A child's progress and next steps are shared with parents through regular reports and consultation evenings. (click here for more information). In this way we strive to ensure that each child reaches his or her full potential.



Parents are encouraged

to take an active interest in their children's progress by attending Consultation Evenings which are held once a term. In addition, parents are welcome to discuss their child's progress at any time by making an appointment with the class or Head teacher. 


Our assessment procedures

identify children of very high academic ability and a programme of clearly differentiated work is planned for them. Outside agencies such as West Sussex Able Pupil Workshops are used to supplement school support, and the local EGGS family group of schools also arrange inhouse workshops to meet the needs of gifted children.


Our aim

is to ensure that we meet the needs of all individuals within our school, including any children who experience greater difficulties than others in their age group. These children are offered extra support in their work. Most of the time this occurs within the classroom, but on occasions it may be necessary to teach such children individually or in a small group.


Sometimes children may be identified as having Special Educational Needs. The school follows the SEND Criteria set by the LEA, and implements the SEND Code of Practice. Children with such difficulties are placed on the school SEN register, which is confidential to teachers and parents. Their progress is closely monitored and reviewed at regular intervals by the SEN Co-ordinator, the LEA Learning Support Teacher and parents. The school is also able to access a range of support agencies in order to support children with specific needs.

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