Ashurst Wood Primary School
Ashurst Wood Primary School

Ashurst Wood Community Pre-School

In January 2013 Ashurst Wood Pre-School moved out of a classroom in the school into a purpose built building at the front of the school.  It is a superb facility providing a welcoming room, IT facilities and a purpose built play area.


The Pre-School continue to use the School facilities such as the hall and playground. Both staff teams work together to provide an excellent transition programme for children joining the school as well as a shared understanding of the Early Years curriculum and assessment.

Ashurst Wood Community Pre-School

is a fun, friendly Pre-School, providing a centre for early education within the village and surrounding area. We are a non-profit-making, registered charity, governed by Ofsted and run by a voluntary committee of parents and staff. We welcome children aged 2½ and upwards, from all backgrounds, equally.



Our Mission Statement:

We provide a warm, caring and safe environment,
We aim to develop confidence and self-esteem,
We like getting creative, getting messy (and tidying up),
We nurture the curiosity and imagination of every child,
We encourage parents and carers to join in the fun, actively bringing the community together.


We are based within Ashurst Wood Primary School. This means our children are already familiar with "Big School". They regularly play in the playground and hall, and they are already friends with many of the children who will be in their Reception class. The Pre-School's own resources are extensive. We have ride-on toys for outside, as well as play dough, paint, glue, crayons, sand, water, cars, trains, dolls, puppets, dressing-up clothes, story books, puzzles, magnets, building bricks, musical instruments, a home corner with kitchen and shop, as well as a laptop and ipads. We have caring, professional staff who lead nature walks, cookery sessions, and many more activities. Please see our website for more information. You can download a registration form or simply give us a ring to arrange a visit.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone has a talent, and we work together to achieve full potential and bring out the best in every individual.

Our School is known as:  


Successful, thriving and forward-looking;


A place where children enjoy learning in a happy, supportive environment;

A place where every individual makes a positive contribution, whether that is in school, in our community or in the wider world.

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